Grozer Hungarian bow Old

Grozer Hungarian recurve bow – Old


The Grózer bows have the best quality of our products.

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Product Description

Length of the string: 128,5 cm
Maximum draw length: 32″ 

Slightly ‘C’ shaped bow, it tells everything about itself both when it is drawn and not drawn.

Most of the people think that this is the real Hungarian bow shape.
The outer and inner side of the limbs are both covered in leather, hemmed at both edges.
We use fine, thin leather in brown colours.
The handle and the siyahs are strengthened by horn plates.
The rigid tips are usually reddish brown. We use hemp fibre, impregnated in a natural material.
The horn plate of the handle can be made with an engraved decoration for an extra charge.
It can be drawn very smoothly and long. It is very stable and without any resonance during shooting.

The Grózer bows have the best quality of our products. It’s a great feeling to draw this bow. The string feels tight, and pulled past a certain point it feels like it has a give to it. The bow can be drawn up to 35″ without any problem, but it also works at 32
At the hilt, they have a wooden plate, to make the bow’s surface smoother for the arrow.